Gluten-free beef pie, dairy free beef pie

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide nutritious, delicious, hand-crafted food to our customers.

We pride ourselves in offering a range of Australian staples for those who want to make healthier food choices or may have food intolerances.

Our products are made in Melbourne with fresh, wholesome and local ingredients, following strict food safety standards.

  • Great Customer Experience

    We strive to offer a great customer experience from start to finish by standing for transparency, ethics, good communication, passion and care.

  • Convenience

    Our products are either ready-to-eat or easily cooked. Our portion sizes are designed to suit customer needs.

  • Trust

    Our customers can trust that they will have contamination-free, excellent quality food as well as being able to trust our service and product delivery to be of the highest standards.

  • Nutritious & Delicious

    Our products are full of flavour, enjoyable, make you feel well and are delicious.


We care about the environment and believe that we all can make some small changes to improve our own wellbeing and the planet. This includes choosing more natural and local foods, zero food waste and eco-friendly packaging.

Frozen food is proven to increase shelf life and to reduce food waste. Contrary to many misconcepts, frozen meals can be healthy as they do not lose their nutritional value and very rarely go to waste. 

The founders

We, Lemon Leaf founders, are both mums and share many common interests &  values that have been incorporated into the Lemon Leaf business model. We share a passion for cooking & healthy eating which we put into action in everyday life among our family and friends.

Grasi - I am a business manager and former architect. I have a lactose intolerant child who made me notice the lack of pre-made lactose free food in the market.

Elaine - I am a Registered Nutritionist and I have worked for over 10 years promoting a healthy lifestyle in communities.

In light of our skillset and passions, the development of original, hand-crafted, delicious and nutritious recipes for Lemon Leaf has been a process that flows with ease and much enjoyment. We still feel as we are cooking from our home kitchen benches for family and friends with lots of care and love.

Elaine & Grasi.